A picture of multiple cleaned industrial air filters

Cleaning Up With Cartridge Filters: Dust Collector Filter Cleaning

Using Dust Collector Filter Cartridges for Indoor Applications In a wide variety of industrial settings, capturing free-flowing dust often depends on using dust collector filter cartridges. For example, organizations that process minerals or chemicals, or are involved in operations such as metal finishing, plasma torch cutting, or welding will typically need a reliable dry dust… Continue reading

Your Guide to Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

A dust collector cartridge filter uses a pleated design to catch debris, which is a handy feature if you’d prefer not to fuss with bags. At Robinson’s Filter Solutions, we specialize in the service and sales of these types of filters, and our staff can tell you how important it is to monitor their wear… Continue reading

air filter for dust collector system ; Spare part filter bag is for collect small particles ; engineering equipment industrial background.

6 Reasons Why Baghouse Filter Bags Fail

The quality of a filter bag directly affects the performance of a baghouse dust collection system. Filter bag failure is not only costly and time consuming, but may also pose a safety hazard. By understanding the most common reasons why baghouse filter bags fail, you can take precautions and maximize the lifespan of your filter… Continue reading

A close up picture of Fiberglass Filter Media Rolls

Everything About Air Filters: Your Ultimate Guide 

Let’s face it, air filtration in an industrial setting can be daunting. Knowing which filters are required for a variety of applications in the same building can mean cumbersome research and expensive trial and error. Knowing that fiberglass filter media rolls are needed for paint, HEPA filters for ventilation, and carbon filters are for gases… Continue reading

Steel factory with industrial air filters that can be cleaned, repaired, and replaced by Robinson's Filter Solutions

Top 6 Reasons for Routine Industrial Air Filtration Maintenance

Industrial air filters play a crucial role in providing a safe and clean environment for employees and reducing the risk of equipment damage. Even if you have air filters from top-rated industrial air filter manufacturers in your facility, regular maintenance is important. These filters can become clogged and covered with pollutants and other types of… Continue reading

Man using a paintbooth with replaceable industrial air filters

When to Change Paint Booth Filters

Paint booths require a clean environment to ensure high-quality results and productivity. Exhaust filters, intake filters and other filters in paint booths can become covered with dust and other debris, which can cause multiple problems for your business. Knowing when to change paint booth filters is important, so that your booths don’t have dirty or… Continue reading

Dust Collector Filter in Wood Workshop Factory

3 Reasons to Replace Your Dust Collector Filter Bags

Dust collectors play an important role in any industrial activity that creates a substantial amount of dust. When you do not regularly replace your baghouse filter bags, you can expose your workforce to unnecessary risks, including breathing in hazardous dust. You also increase the risk of industrial fires and explosions. In addition, as your filter… Continue reading