Your Guide to Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

A dust collector cartridge filter uses a pleated design to catch debris, which is a handy feature if you’d prefer not to fuss with bags. At Robinson’s Filter Solutions, we specialize in the service and sales of these types of filters, and our staff can tell you how important it is to monitor their wear and tear. Understanding how they work will give you a better idea of how often they need to be cleaned and replaced.

Total Filtering Surface

The structure of the filter provides a large surface area per cubic foot and simultaneously reduces the size of the collector. Cleaned by a pulse-jet method, these products are excellent for keeping your industrial facility clean, and a superior end product. Less dust also means less maintenance for your equipment.

The efficiency of these collectors is truly remarkable. Able to catch 99.97% (or more) of the particles coming into the collectors, these units are in demand by professionals and hobbyists who don’t want to settle. They’re also relatively small for an industrial product, making them great for indoor use or other tight spaces. A dust collector cartridge filter from Robinson’s is highly recommended for fine dust or high-blast applications. They’re also good for any operation that kicks up plenty of smoke or other fumes.

The Ins and Outs of Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are created to prevent as much dust from entering back into the shop or the outside environment as possible. Some are outfitted with a metal mesh, while others use fabric bands to ensure that they retain their shape.

Collectors rely on a fan to move the air and dust through the filter before sending the clean air through the other side of the unit. How they’re installed depends on their type and application, which can, in turn, affect their performance. For instance, a vertical cartridge might be able to maintain its seal a bit longer than a horizontally-placed filter because it doesn’t use gaskets or yokes.

Common Types of Dust Collector Filters

Dust collectors come in all shapes and sizes as do the filters used in them. Some of the more common types of dust collector cartridge filters include:

  • Slide-in Cartridges: These come with a specialized plate on the end of the filter so it can be slid into place in the dust collector. 
  • Twist-Lock Cartridges: One end of the cartridge is outfitted with a hooked mechanism that locks the filter into place creating an airtight seal.
  • Bolted Cartridges: A long bolt is inserted through the cartridge and threads into the dust collector. A rubber or foam gasket creates a seal so that no debris escapes.

Regardless of which cartridge filter you use in your collector, multiple bags would be needed to get the same amount of surface material in a standard baghouse filter. You may see them available with water or oil-resistant properties.

When it comes to replacing your cartridge filters, our experts at Robinson’s Filter Solutions can help you make the most cost-effective decision, so you can be confident in your operations and your bottom line. There’s nothing worse than having to pay top price for filters that need to be changed often when a quality aftermarket dust collector cartridge filter provided by Robinson’s Filter Solutions is what your dust collector needs.

Keeping Your Filters Clean

The cleaner your filters are, the more dust they’ll be able to capture. Air can flow more efficiently and you’ll ultimately save both time and money in the long run. You can find filters in a variety of sizes and configurations, all of which can be cleaned without having to stop and remove them. While they’re in use, it’s important to check the individual units regularly to ensure they’re performing up to par.

Collector systems typically use a similar methodology to protect the filters. When compressed air is pulsed through, it’s pushed in the opposite direction of the debris. The pressure blows the particles off so they can fall into a special container. Depending on how the filter is used, it can last some companies up to a year or more.

As durable as your dust collector cartridge filter might be, it will eventually need to be replaced. The good news is that cleanings can push that day out as far as possible without compromising your productivity. When properly maintained, you won’t have to worry about the unforeseen costs of emergency repairs. Finding dust collectors that are sturdy and effective can be exactly what you need to cut back on unnecessary headaches and hassles in your facility.

Taking Care of Your Cartridge Filters

When your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, Robinson’s is here to help. While the pulsing action is effective for keeping an over-accumulation of dust at bay, it also puts your filters through a lot of wear and tear. Our cleaning process is 98% efficient thanks to over 25 years of experience and practical application. We also offer a wide variety of cartridges that match the requirements of your OEM filter without charging the same sky-high prices. Talk to us if you’re interested in keeping your investment going for as long as possible.