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Industrial Air Filters & Air Filter Cleaning Service

We’re your one-stop air filter shop. From custom industrial air filters to industrial air filter cleaning, we’re the solution to all your air filtration needs.

Reducing Waste While Saving You Money

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Our Environmental Commitment

Think Green

Each year tens of thousands of air filters are sent to landfills, needlessly contributing to excessive waste. Robinson’s Filter Solutions’ refurbishing process allows you to reuse your filters an average of 8 times!

By refurbishing your air filters, we all take part in conserving our resources. Let’s keep air filters out of our landfills.

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I have watched Robinson's Filter Solutions grow as a family business and their dedication to their customers and commitment to excellence are top notch. A green, Canadian success story!
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Your Industrial Air Filter Manufacturer & Air Filter Cleaner

Why Choose Us?

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Reducing Waste While Saving You Money

Our refurbishing process costs substantially less than purchasing a new filter. Our system allows us to safely and effectively clean each filter an average of 8 times. That means fewer filters in your local landfill! To save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact Robinson’s Filter Solutions for all of your industrial filtration needs.

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We Have It, Or We Will Have It Made

Tell us your filtration needs, and Robinson’s will deliver! Order from our existing inventory or provide us with your filter specs, and we will have it manufactured.

Variety of industrial air filters for cleaning, replacement, and repairing.

We Can Replace It For Less

We offer custom manufactured filters at less than OEM pricing. Why buy costly OEM filters? At Robinson’s, we stand behind our cost-effective aftermarket alternative. FARR, Donaldson, Wheelabrator, Piovan, Trump, and Nederman are some of the many filters we offer at aftermarket prices. We provide guaranteed compatibility with your machinery at a fraction of the cost.

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Dust Collector Service and Maintenance

With connections to leading experts in the industry, Robinson’s provides a complete line of dust collector and baghouse filters. On top of competitive pricing, we install and perform maintenance, so you don’t have to.

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Onsite Efficiency Audits

A specialized team of filtration experts with backgrounds in millwrighting will visit your facility and analyze your process. We will provide a detailed report giving recommendations and best practices to ensure the maximum lifespan of your filters.

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We Can Clean It

At Robinson’s, we refurbish your filter utilizing the McWINN dry cleaning process or a 25 year tried, tested and proven wet cleaning process. No matter the type of dirt being filtered, we have the best method and techniques that will satisfy your cleaning needs at 50% of the cost of a new filter.

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Delivery, Installation, Cleaning

Don’t worry. Robinson’s specializes in new filter sales, custom manufacturing, air filter cleaning and installations. We’ll also take care of your pickup and delivery. We’ve got your filtration needs covered!

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Our Air Filter Refurbishing Process

① Pickup

We pick up your dirty filters from your location, and while onsite, clearly label each filter to ensure precise and accurate processing and return.

② Pre-Processing

Upon arrival at our facility, damp filters are dried to remove any moisture. This ensures full release of dirt and contaminants in the cleaning process.

③ Dry Process

Each filter is cleaned by the patented McWINN™ process, which combines rapid spinning with injected air and suction, to clean the filter media of all restricting particles.

④ Wet Process

Filters that require a heavier cleaning, are cleansed with a biodegradable cleaning agent and water. They are then dried until all traces of moisture are removed. This process in no way compromises the effectiveness of the filter, and we have acquired over 40 years of wet process expertise to substantiate our claims.

⑤ Inspection

Using high powered lights, inspectors look for filter media separation, pin holes and tears. Having been cleaned and examined for flaws, the filters are then tested to ensure proper airflow quality.

⑥ Delivery

Your newly cleaned filters are returned to you in their original packaging, or vapor sealed to protect against moisture.