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Baghouse Filters

Dust control and air quality are crucial to efficient operations throughout the manufacturing industry. Regularly maintaining, replacing, and cleaning your baghouse and baghouse filter bags ensures that your company avoids unnecessary downtime and costly equipment repairs. At Robinson’s Filter Solutions we are equipped to help you with all your dust collector baghouse and baghouse filter needs.

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New Baghouse Filter Bags

Robinson’s Filter Solutions sells a wide range of aftermarket baghouse filter bags, dust filter socks and dust collector bags to fit OEM baghouse systems including Nordson, Donaldson Torit, Murphy, MacDonald Steel and Canoblast, among many others. As well, we can have custom baghouse filter bags manufactured to meet your specific dust collection requirements. To ensure that your company’s unique baghouse filtration needs are taken care of, an expert in filtration with a background in millwrighting will visit your location to inspect your baghouse and baghouse filters. From there you will be provided with maintenance recommendations, a quote for new replacement filter bags, and a quote for baghouse filter cleaning.  

Baghouse Filter Cleaning

Each year tens of thousands of filters are needlessly sent to landfills. In many cases, your baghouse filter bags can be refurbished and reused, rather than being thrown away after each changeout. While saving money is the primary advantage of having us clean your baghouse filter bags, it’s not the only reason to adopt the system of reusing your filter bags.

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Baghouse Changeouts

Changing your filter bags can be messy and time-consuming, especially for workers that are unfamiliar with the process. Rather than train your employees for this specialized task, why not have our crew of certified, skilled workers do it for you?

At Robinson’s Filter Solutions we do our best to work within your maintenance schedule in order to avoid unnecessary downtime and interrupted work schedules. Our crew will remove your current baghouse filter bags, blow down the equipment and install new filter bags within the timeframe of your choosing. On top of the changeout service, we can evaluate your equipment and make repair recommendations following your maintenance team. 

Regular changeouts and baghouse maintenance can prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your equipment. 

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Baghouse Maintenance

With over 25 years in the filtration industry and a background in millwrighting, our specialist can visit your facility and inspect your equipment for: efficiency concerns, health and safety concerns, and most importantly current and future maintenance concerns. 

Not only is our team able to recommend and carry out maintenance, we are also able to troubleshoot equipment issues with your mechanics and engineers. Keeping your efficiency high and downtime low is our priority.

Variety of industrial air filters for cleaning, repair, and replacement.

About Robinson’s Filter Solutions

Robinson’s Filter Solutions, located in the heart of North Hastings, represents typical small-town values. Our company was founded more than 25 years ago on the principle of honouring your customer by providing excellent customer service. To that end, we strive to push the boundaries of quality service and pride ourselves on the affordable and environmentally friendly services we provide for our customers. To request a quote and arrange to have your filtration media rolls and air filter media pads kept in-stock email us or contact Robinson’s Filter Solutions at 613-756-6969. We’ve been helping companies like yours with their filtration needs since 1997.

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