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Custom Industrial Air Filters

Robinson’s Filter Solutions provides you with custom industrial air filters that will lower the cost of doing business. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) filters are costly. Robinson’s Filter Solutions will reduce your overall operating costs with custom air filters that can last longer with proper cleaning and maintenance. Start the process today by Scheduling an On-Site Visit with a Robinson’s Filter Solutions specialized technician. We will assess your filtration needs and provide you with a cost-saving solution!

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Affordable Custom Industrial Air Filters

Industrial air filters need to be cleaned or changed out on a regular basis to keep your business running smoothly. You know that the costly OEM filters that you are currently paying for are a significant financial drain. Robinson’s Filter Solutions are here to solve this problem for you! We can provide a wide variety of cartridge filters that will meet the same specifications as your OEM filter. 

If you provide us with the part number and/or specifications of your OEM filter, we can provide custom-size filters that will match or exceed the tolerances of your original filter. Same quality – better price, from Robinson’s Filter Solutions.

We also stock and deliver many
trusted air filter brands.

No matter what industry you’re in, we can supply industrial cartridge filters for your machinery. Call us about your smoke filtration, dust, cement, stone or welding filters – or any other application!

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Media for Custom Industrial Air Filters

The industrial air filters provided by Robinson’s Filter Solutions can be ordered with four common industry-standard filtration media types, depending on your application.

85/15 Cellulose

This is a common paper filtration media for most types of dust collection filters. Many people don’t realize that Robinson’s Filter Solutions can clean this type of media — but we can! Our cleaning services can reduce your air filter budget by as much as 50 percent per year!


This is the industry standard for internal paper filtration media in cartridges. The nice thing about Spunbond is that it lasts (almost) forever. It can be cleaned a nearly infinite number of times. You will pay more up-front for Spunbond media, but save a lot of money in the long run by never having to replace it!

Fire Retardant Nanofiber (FR)

This filtration media is specifically designed for high-temperature machines and is made from fire-retardant materials.

Wire Mesh or Mesh Screen

Wire mesh filtration media is for machines that require electrostatic control.

Robinson's Filter Solution's Lloyd Robinson having a conversation with a customer about industrial air filter cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Our specialized technicians can make specific recommendations for you during an on-site visit. We will provide you with a detailed report on your filter media, including the best option to maximize the lifespan of your industrial air filters and cost savings. We will also recommend a cleaning schedule for your filter.

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Air Filter Cleaning

Once you purchase custom industrial air filters from us, those filters can often last through numerous cleaning cycles. We’ll clean your air filters too. This represents huge cost savings when compared to replacing a filter. We use the McWINN dry cleaning process for some types of filters. Other filters require a wet cleaning method that we have tested and proven from over 25-years of experience.

Robinson’s Filter Solutions will then inspect the cleaned filter to ensure that it is operating at the maximum expected tolerances. If the filter is up to spec, it will then move on to the polishing and packaging stage before it is delivered back to your worksite (we also provide installation if needed). If the filter is rejected from further use, close to the end of its cycle, the filtration media has disintegrated, or if the end caps cannot be repaired, we will send you an estimate for a replacement filter.

When clients get on a regular cleaning schedule with Robinson’s Filter Solutions, they save an average of 50 percent when compared to buying replacement filters.

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Call Us or Schedule a Efficiency Audit

Robinson’s Filter Solutions is committed to honouring our customers with the best possible customer service in the industry. We are your one-stop filter shop when it comes to custom air filters for industrial applications. Schedule an appointment or request a quote. You can also Schedule an Efficiency Audit right here on our website.

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