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Polyester, Foam & Fiberglass Filter Media Rolls

The quality of the air circulating through your company’s HVAC system and your expensive equipment is of the utmost importance here at Robinson’s Filter Solutions. As such, we have 3 media roll options when it comes to protecting your staff and your machinery from airborne particulates: fiberglass filter media rolls, polyester filter media rolls and foam filter media rolls. Contact our experienced sales team for information on the best media roll for your purposes.

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Fiberglass Filter Media Rolls

Aesthetics and quality control are extremely important in the paint application industry. To keep dust particles from affecting the finish of your paint job, fiberglass filter media rolls are made up of media fibers that are bonded together to create a progressive density that is 98% efficient. Fiberglass filter media rolls are available in standard and custom sizes, or can be cut down to smaller air filter media pads in order to best suit the specs of your automotive, industrial or custom paint booth. 

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Polyester Filter Media Rolls

In this day and age, air quality control throughout office and industrial buildings has become more important than ever. Polyester filter media rolls and air filter media pads can be cut to fit the dimensions of your HVAC system, helping to upgrade your ventilation system and provide cleaner air for everyone.

Operating machinery in a dirty environment means that particles can get into your equipment causing damage, and in some cases equipment failure. Polyester media acts as a pre-filter for your industrial equipment keeping your air compressor, air inlet, and stone crusher among others, free from damaging debris.

Polyester filter media rolls are available in custom sizes or can be cut down to smaller air filter media pads to best suit the needs of your HVAC system or industrial equipment.

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Foam Filter Media Rolls

Polyurethane foam filter media is versatile and can be used for many applications, and what’s more, it can be washed! Foam filter media can be used in some HVAC systems, humidifiers and as a pre-filter for cartridge filters. Foam filter media rolls are available in custom sizes or can be cut down to smaller air filter media pads.

In order to stretch your dollar and keep unnecessary waste from landfill sites, foam filter media can be washed. First, as much debris as possible is removed from the media using compressed air. The pressure is controlled so as to not to put any undue stress on the fibres. From there, it is washed using a diluted biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive cleaner and rinsed until it is completely free of any particulates. The filter is then put in our drying room until there is no moisture left. If you are interested in having your foam filter media cleaned, contact our sales staff to discuss your options.

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Repeat Orders

In this ever-changing world, the availability of filtration media can, at times, be uncertain. That’s why Robinson’s Filter Solutions wants to ensure that you have fiberglass, polyester and foam filter media rolls and air filter pads that you need without lengthy lead times. In order to provide continually exceptional service, we take note of your filter requirements and keep your next order in stock. Work with our experienced sales team to arrange a regularly scheduled delivery of filtration media so you are never caught short again!

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About Robinson’s Filter Solutions

Robinson’s Filter Solutions, located in the heart of North Hastings, represents typical small-town values. Our company was founded more than 25 years ago on the principle of honouring your customer by providing excellent customer service. To that end, we strive to push the boundaries of quality service and pride ourselves on the affordable and environmentally friendly services we provide for our customers. We are one of very few baghouse filter bag suppliers in Ontario and Quebec that offers a comprehensive line of new baghouse filters and bag cleaning services.

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