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Dust Collector Filter Cleaning

In the ever expanding world of industrial manufacturing, environmental stability, increased production, and cost-effectiveness are top priorities for most companies. Whether your facility is equipped with a cartridge, or baghouse dust collector, Robinson’s Filter Solutions understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of your filters while reducing your carbon footprint, keeping costs at bay, and continuing production. Our dust collector cartridge filter cleaning, and baghouse filter cleaning services take the pressure off your employees, as our experienced and fully-trained team do the work for you.

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Reliable Dust Collector Cartridge Filter Cleaning

As debris builds up in dust collector filters, many facilities go through the daunting task of removing the filters, disposing of them, and replacing them with new ones. This process often results in production shutdowns, eats up valuable man hours, and the filters end up in landfill sites. Definitely not ideal for the environment, or your company’s bottom line. Robinson’s takes the stress off your company by doing the work for you. On top of that, dust collector cartridge filter cleaning allows you to reuse the same filters multiple times before needing to replace them.

You can expect the following benefits when using our cartridge and filter bag cleaning services:

Reduction of your company’s carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly

Lowered costs

Longer lifespan for your equipment

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How Our Cleaning Service Works

Our service begins with an on-site visit at your facility. Our team assesses your filtration needs based on your dust collectors and the type particulates being filtered. From there you will receive a quote for our changeout service, filter cleaning, replacement filters and any light maintenance that needs to be done to keep your dust collector running in top condition. 

When you are ready to schedule a changeout, we work within your timeline in order to avoid an unnecessary shutdown. Our crew will arrive prepared to remove the dirty filters, install clean ones, and perform pre-arranged maintenance. From there we’ll do a system test before packing up your dirty filters to be brought back to our facility for cleaning. Whether your dust collector houses 25 cartridges or 500 hundred filter bags, Robinson’s has the team to get the job done right.

How Air Filters Are Cleaned

With almost 20 years of experience under our belt, combined with the patintened McWinn™ filter cleaning machine, our refurbished filters work as good as new. 

Dirty cartridge filters are cleaned with the use of even air-jet pulse pressure, coupled with a strong vacuum and rapid spinning. This clears filters of the majority of debris that has built up over time. After the initial cleaning has been done, filters receive a secondary blow-out to ensure that there aren’t any particulates remaining. From there a  thorough inspection, repairs (if needed) and polishing are performed. The filters are then packaged and labelled –  ready for your next filter changeout. 

Bag filters are turned inside out and all loose debris is blown off. After that they are washed in water with a light detergent and spun until all of the excess moisture is removed. The bags are then hung in our high temperature drying room until they are ready to be inspected, repaired (if needed) and packaged. Filters can be stored at our facility, or yours, until your company is ready for their next filter changeout. 

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How Often to Have Cleaning Done

How often should you have your dust collector cartridge filters cleaned? This can vary depending on factors such as the type of particulates being filtered, production rates, and even the weather. However, filters that are clogged with debris can do damage to your equipment and final product, and of course ruin the filter itself. That is why it is important to change your filters on a regular basis. Robinson’s does our best to work with your company in order to schedule your dust collector change out at a time that least affects production, but also ensure that your filters are changed before there is any concern. Whether you need to set up quarterly, bi-annual, or annual service, we can accommodate you.

Quality Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Manufacturers

Regular cleanings and maintenance will prolong the life of your filter and save your company at least 50% of the cost of a new filter each time you clean. Unfortunately, filters do not last forever. All filters are thoroughly inspected after each cleaning and our experienced inspection personnel will flag your filters for replacement when they are no longer performing up to spec. From there, a member of our sales team will prepare a quote for replacement filters. Robinson’s offers an extensive line of aftermarket replacement filters that are equal to, if not better, than the OEM. We have aftermarket filters available for the following dust collector filter cartridge manufacturers:

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Icon for Camfil Farr

Camfil Farr

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Donaldson Torit

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Oval Cartridges

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Variety of industrial air filters for cleaning, repair, and replacement.

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Robinson’s Filter Solutions has been providing high-quality customer service, including cartridge and bag filter cleaning and new aftermarket filters, for almost 20 years. Our customers have been able to depend on us for reliable filter cleaning and maintenance, as well as outstanding quality aftermarket filters. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, please call us at 613-756-6969, or send us an email. We can begin handling all of your filtration needs to help your business reduce waste while saving money.

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