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4 Reasons to Replace Dust Collector Filter Elements

You want the commercial dust collector filter systems you install to function as intended, so it’s essential to know when and why you should replace the filter elements. Replacing dust collector filter elements can be expensive, especially if you don’t do it correctly and at the right time. Here are reasons you may want to… Continue reading

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Other Causes of Baghouse Filter Failure

In exploring baghouse filter advantages and disadvantages, we posted six reasons why baghouse filter bags fail and lead to losses and disruptions in business activities. Our post today explores other causes of baghouse filter failure that may seem negligible and could quickly go unnoticed. Yet, they could also lead to massive losses and disruptions in… Continue reading

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How Often Should Commercial Air Filters Be Changed?

It can be tricky to know when is the right time to change your commercial air filters to ensure your industrial facility runs smoothly. Since you are here looking for helpful answers to how often you should change commercial air filters, we will provide a quick overview. What Manufacturers Say About the Frequency of Changing… Continue reading

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7 Factors that Custom Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers Must Consider

Industrial facilities install air filters for four significant reasons—complying with legislation, staying environmentally friendly, protecting their equipment, and ensuring workplace safety for their employees. A recent workplace wellness study found that air quality at the workplace matters four times more than in amenities such as gym facilities. Fifty percent of workers surveyed said poor air… Continue reading

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How to Clean Dust Collector Filter Bags

Cleaning dust collector filter bags is necessary for the dust collector’s continued working efficiency in capturing dust particles and pollutants to keep your business premises clean. When looking for information on how to clean dust collector filter bags, you may be overwhelmed by the many options, most of which may not apply to you, depending… Continue reading

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Types of Filters for Dust Collector Systems

Dust collector filtration systems are crucial for removing pollutants from industrial airstreams. There is a wide range of dust collector filters based on cost, reusability and functionality. Here is your guide to the different types of filters for dust collector systems.  Dust collectors are made up of several different components with the filter working at… Continue reading

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What Are Baghouse Filters & How Do They Work?

Dust collection systems are essential for a safe working environment, protecting your equipment, protecting your facility, and complying with government regulations. A dust collection system also ensures public safety by eliminating or reducing the amount of particulate matter or dust that flows from your facility into the atmosphere. Baghouse filters are ideal for their efficiency… Continue reading

4 Signs of Dust Collector Problems and What to Do About Them

In order to keep the air within your facility free of dust and other contaminants, it is essential to have a dust collection system that is in top working order. When a dust collector isn’t operating as it should, there is a risk to your employees, your equipment, and even to the facility itself. From… Continue reading