A picture of multiple cleaned industrial air filters

Cleaning Up With Cartridge Filters: Dust Collector Filter Cleaning

Using Dust Collector Filter Cartridges for Indoor Applications

In a wide variety of industrial settings, capturing free-flowing dust often depends on using dust collector filter cartridges. For example, organizations that process minerals or chemicals, or are involved in operations such as metal finishing, plasma torch cutting, or welding will typically need a reliable dry dust collection system.

The trick is determining what to do when the filters become clogged with debris. Do you throw them away? Or is there a better solution?

Dust Buildup Can Cause Work to Grind to a Halt in Industrial Settings

Over time, dust collector filters become blocked, leading to a drop in pressure and, if not maintained, eventual system failure. Before your system gets to this point it is important to replace the filters so that your company can avoid work stoppages, machine failure and the possibility of expensive repairs. 

Keeping Dust Collector Filter Cartridges Clean Instead of Replacing Them

Replacing filters with new ones can be costly to your business as well as the environment. For companies that are looking for a solution to both of these problems, refurbishing your cartridge filters on a regular basis is a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new filters. 

This is why so many companies are interested in having their dust collector filter cartridges refurbished. Rather than needlessly contributing to the waste already overflowing our landfill sites, businesses all over Ontario and Quebec are having their filters cleaned by Robinson’s Filter Solutions. Not only does our service lower a company’s carbon footprint, but it saves money at 50% of the cost of a new filter! 

Refurbishing Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

After almost 20 years of experience in the filter refurbishing industry, the team at Robinson’s understands the importance of cleaning filters so that they function in the same way a new filter would. The use of even air-jet pulse pressure, coupled with a strong vacuum and rapid spinning clears filters of the majority of debris that has built up over time. After the initial cleaning has been done, filters receive a secondary blow-out, thorough inspection, repairs (if needed) and polishing. They are then packaged and labelled for return to our many satisfied customers. 

Filters can be cleaned on average 8 times, but some as many as 12-14; think about the environmental and cost-saving impact this has on a company’s carbon footprint and bottom line! 

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint by Arranging for Expert Cleaning of Your Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

At Robinson’s Filter Solutions we are proud of the excellent reputation we’ve developed, providing service to businesses in the greater Ontario and Quebec communities since 1994. We are dedicated to helping reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the planet.

At the same time, we’ve found that being environmentally friendly also makes good economic sense. You can save money and resources by refurbishing your dust collector filter cartridges rather than adding to landfill waste. As more and more companies are doing their part to reduce greenhouse gases, a low carbon footprint is desirable to both current and prospective customers. Robinson’s Filter Solutions is here to help companies achieve the ‘green’ status that is expected in a more conscientious industrial world. To learn more about our approach to cleaning dust collector filter cartridges, or to consult with our experts, please connect with Robinson’s Filter Solutions today.